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When Hiring a Copywriter is an Expensive Mistake

“There are two big reasons why you shouldn’t hire a copywriter… Companies violate both of these every day… and the cost of this mistake is enormous!” Why Should I Care If You Make this Mistake? Well, firstly, I believe that if you see someone about to run headlong over a cliff, you should try to […]

Why (Book) Marketing Matters!

Marketing isn’t the most important thing in your business… It’s the ONE thing that matters! The Purpose of Your Business Book So, you’ve written a business book that shares your ideology, process, and purpose as well as differentiating you from the crowds. Your primary goal is to shorten the sales cycle, create new opportunities (possibly […]

The Authority Hostage Problem

Galileo had a problem. His observations about the university (what he knew was true) forced him to say things that the ‘powers that be’ found unacceptable. He had to choose whether to be quiet, or find ways to courageously proclaim what he knew. What would you do in his position? What will you do? Is […]