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Why Lead-Flow Matters… and How to Create It

“A steady flow of new leads is the life-blood of every business.” ~ Debra Hilton In an earlier blog, I talked about creating lead magnets that irresistibly attract your ideal clients and mentioned the idea of having specific lead magnets for specific types of prospects https://hiltoncopy.com/create-magnetic-lead-magnet-quickly-easily/. After publishing that blog, I was slightly surprised by […]

5 Simple Ways to Use Your Business Book to Generate Opportunities

“Once your book is written, your goal should be to get it into the hands of people whose lives it could change forever… and yes, accountants, business coaches, real estate agents, dentists, and lawyers can change people’s lives.” ~ Debra Hilton Now that you’ve invested time, energy, money, and other resources into writing your book […]