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To Self-Publish… or Not to Self-Publish Your Business Book?

 “If you don’t already have a platform then you’ll spend a lot of time and money trying to get a publishing deal… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!” ~ Debra Hilton Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing The publishing world is changing rapidly. Traditional publishing houses are struggling economically because their business model has not […]

Building Trust : Long Term Vision in a Short Term World

“It’s a short-sighted view, Scott-King.” “There, headmaster, with all respect, I differ from you profoundly. I think it the most long-sighted view it is possible to take.” ~ Evelyn Waugh Core Assumption: You Are Building for the Long Haul Assumptions are dangerous for many reasons, but this one is foundational to everything I recommend, and, […]

Why Your Videos Should Not Replace Your Book

“The power of video is greatly overestimated… probably because we insist on putting everything in binary terms: either … or, rather than both … and.” ~ Debra Hilton The Danger of Binary Thinking (in Business and in Life) I realise that time and economics are often the driving factors when businesses consider what media they […]