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Effective Copy Multiplies Response

Will Your Business Survive the Coming Internet Disruption?

“Email is cheap to send, easy to receive.” “Facebook makes it easy to interact with friends and find new ones.” “Online advertising is cheap and follows people everywhere.” “If you’re on the front page of Google, you’ll get plenty of business.” That may be true right now (or it may not be)… but for how […]

Why Does an Abundance Mindset Affect Your Authority Positioning?

“The higher the income, the more the person is paid for who they are, rather than what they do.” ~ Dan Kennedy. There’s a lot of talk about abundance vs. scarcity mindsets these days. Some of this abundance talk focuses on attracting the income and lifestyle you want by ‘acting as if you already had it’. […]

Seven Principles of Effective Marketing

“I hate rules. All I do is report on how consumers react to different stimuli.” ~ David Ogilvy I’m a great admirer of David Ogilvy’s work. He is not alone in his influence, he was one of the impressive giants on whose shoulders many of the most effective and profitable direct response marketing campaigns of […]