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Using Information Marketing to Set Your Business Apart

“If you can be commoditized, you will be commoditized…. If you stay stuck in “ordinary”: going to market with product or service, price and discounts, vague generality claims of (slight) superiority as one of many choices… you will be crushed.” ~ Dan S. Kennedy Let’s start with an important distinction between content marketing and information […]

Research is the Road to Big Ideas

“When you really understand what your customers want, then it is so easy to show them that your product or service is just what they need to get it. Your job is to be the buyer’s assistant.” ~ Bruce Barton At the heart of every effective marketing campaign is a Big Idea that resonates with […]

The Dangers of One-Stop Marketing Shopping

“Anyone who tells you they can handle all of your marketing needs with one-stop shopping is someone you should run away from …quickly.” ~ Brian Kurtz Convenience and one-stop shopping rules many aspects of our daily life. That’s OK for groceries and other commodities, but surely when it comes to positioning your business in the […]