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5 Mistakes that can Kill Your Business… and How to Use Your Book to Avoid Them

 “Arrogance and scarcity thinking kill more businesses than a bad economy.” ~ Debra Hilton #1 – Mindset: Arrogance & Scarcity Thinking There are two key attitudes that have the potential to destroy your business. Arrogance: the assumption that your business is different and that therefore, the rules and principles that enable others to succeed or […]

Authority, Impostor Syndrome, and Business Stability

Are your own insecurities stopping you from creating the business you want? If so, it’s time to look at ways you are holding yourself back. Your Authority and Impostor Syndrome The #1reason people don’t step into their earned authority is that they feel like an impostor. The problem with this attitude is that the more […]

What to Expect from a Book Ghostwriter

“The thing about ghosts is that they’re hard to pin down. They’re also somewhat reticent and don’t go around drawing attention to themselves unless there’s a good reason to find them.” ~ Elizabeth Goudge Clearing up Misconceptions & Defining the Role Like any professional specialty there are ghostwriters and ghostwriters. This is very important to […]