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Why Do People Pushback Against Expertise?

“The enemy is a very good teacher.” ~Dalai Lama  Resistance to Authority I enjoy talking to prospective clients and I find that you can learn a lot about them and the kind of clients they are likely to be from their questions and responses. As a ghostwriter, I’m usually talking to subject-experts who are highly […]

Is it Important for a Ghostwriter to Have Experience in My Field?

“If you are writing an academic paper, designed to be read by experts then you want a specialist, if you are writing a book that explains your product or service to outsiders then you want someone who can bridge the gap between your expertise and their ignorance.” ~ Debra Hilton Grappling with Concepts? I talk […]

Always Start (Marketing) with a Plan

“It has ceased to surprise me, but it never ceases to annoy me when businesses think that a the place to start marketing is with media.” ~ Debra Hilton Would You Build a House Without Planning it First? I saw an episode of Grand Designs where a couple started with a piece of land and […]