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Are You Getting the Treatment You Deserve?

“If you don’t like the way your prospects and clients treat you, then look in the mirror. Most of the time people treat us the way we teach them to treat us (and the implications of this run far beyond business relationships).” Nailing Your Colours to the Mast I’m very fortunate in the clients I […]

Evergreen Marketing Campaigns for Every Business

How to Increase Longterm Leads & Conversion Rates – Part 2 “Zig Ziglar wrote a new presentation for almost every event he spoke at. I used the same presentation over and over again for years, refining and perfecting every detail, updating when needed. I believe that that is the reason I outsold Zig and every […]

Why Am I Always Chasing My Tail and Scrambling Without Getting Ahead?

How to Increase Longterm Leads & Conversion Rates – Part 1 “Many businesses are so focused on generating cashflow that they never create enough evergreen assets to free themselves from economic desperation.” Assets or Consumables: Which is Your Focus? I had a meeting with a long-standing client last week to review the past eighteen months’ […]