How Do You Price Projects?

What does "it depends" really mean?
What does “it depends” really mean?

Although you can see some of my packaged prices here, there are many items that depend on what our total relationship looks like.  If I am already doing a lot of writing for a client, then additional items are cheaper for the reasons I outline below.

I receive a lot of questions about project pricing, so I think it’s worth explaining why my answer is often “it depends”, and what that means for my clients.

I Tell Your Story In A Way That Matters …

It all starts with what my clients receive when they choose to work with Hilton Copywriting.  You are not merely getting a word count around a particular topic.  Whether I am writing static website copy, ongoing blog content, newsletters, landing pages, sales letters or profiles I am trying to tell your story in a way that will appeal to your particular target market.

It is not actually true that people no longer read content and only look at videos and pictures – it’s just that they don’t read content that’s boring, irrelevant, or written by machines for search engines.  If you are not interested in reading about dental procedures, business coaching, or mindset change then you are unlikely to ready anything about them – but if the time comes that you do want to learn about these things, then you’ll choose articles that are interesting, provide value, and answer your questions.

So, I Take The Time To Learn Who You Are …

You (and your business) are not the same as anyone’s else’s.  You have a unique story, and you offer unique value.  I need to know what sets you apart from the dentist, accountant, lawyer or business coach down the street and why it matters.  That way your values, and way of looking at business attracts clients who you enjoy working with, and to whom you provide great value.

I can’t learn that from Wikipedia, and it takes more than 5 minutes to get this information and decide how to present it even if I know a lot about your industry.

This means that a one-off piece of work will cost you a large amount, while an ongoing or larger project will cost you (relatively) less.  For example, a single web page costs from $450.00, while a 5 page website might only cost $650.00;  a LinkedIn Profile by itself is $400.00 and an elevator pitch is $500.00, but a complete Bio-Package including an elevator pitch, a 3-4 minute pitch, your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Profiles is only $750.00.

And I Take Into Account Your Return On Investment …

Most websites, newsletters, and content marketing projects don’t generate income immediately no matter how well they are designed and written.  I hope that my clients will consider their investment in my services has provided value right from the start, so I don’t charge an arm and a leg.  The reality is that your static website provides important information about the core of your business, and your growing body of content still takes time to turn an audience into buyers.

At first, the main measure of traction is an increasing number of visitors, and a decreasing ‘bounce rate’ (amount of time your visitors spend on site), it can take a few months to build your content to the point that it is definitely resulting in enquiries and customers.  That is why I start with a 6-month contract for ongoing content creation – you usually need that long to see definite results, although taking the ‘Fast Start’ route and putting a larger body of relevant content up at first can accelerate that.  One dental client saw a 400% increase in profits within 3 months and had to hire an extra dentist to cope with the extra patient load.

On the other hand, sales letters and landing pages are designed either to test the market or to sell a product or service.  They should generate a return almost immediately.  My pricing reflects that – but also differentiates between pages which are designed to find out if there is a market, and those which are designed to sell something for which there is definitely demand.

However, It is Your Business …

At the end of the day, I can’t guarantee results – no one can.  There are so many variables from the quality of your product, to your customer service, to the state of the market.  I can guarantee you great copy that tells your story according to the information you provide, but I can’t promise what the outcome will be.  I can tell you the stories of my own clients – and many others’ clients – who have used content marketing, direct mail, and other tools to create enormous profits, but it’s up to you to decide whether it’s a wise investment for your business.

If you would like to talk to me, my initial consultation (in person if you are in Melbourne, or via phone or Skype) is free.


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